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Empowering innovation through cutting-edge solutions. We craft intuitive software, blending creativity with technology. Elevate your business with our seamless user experiences. Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities with our bespoke software solutions.

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IOT Platform

We offer a ready to go scalable cloud infrastructure for connecting millions of devices. You can control them with our easy to use admin console..., or integrate them in your business logic with our REST API. An IoT platform manages the connectivity of the devices and allows developers to build new mobile software applications. It facilitates the collection of data from devices and enables business transformation. It connects different components, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of communication between the devices.

  • Remote Asset Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Central Monitoring Application
  • Convenient Surveillance Operations

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Software Development

We are create/Make solutions for enterprises in different markets. The software that we develop has user-friendly interfaces, runs efficiently..., and passes various tests. Our employees mastered the development of IOT, ERM, EAM, and SCM tools, as well as other corporative products.Software Development and mobile Application Development for stand-alone desktop computers and mobile devices and their platforms.

  • Web App Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Customizable Platform Development
  • Data Sciences

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IOT Networking

IoT Network refers to the communication technologies used by Internet of Things (IoT) devices to share or spread the data to other device ...or interfaces available within reachable distanceAs the industry revolutionizes with changing times, the current industry 4.0 is a recipient of advancement in telecom technology that has innovated the IoT (Internet of Things). The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), a sub-specification of the IoT is designed to facilitate industry automation and enable Smart manufacturing.

  • VPN Development
  • Sensor, Device Integration with Cloud Server
  • Mobile App Development
  • Remote PLC, Scada Controling and Communication

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Server Infrastructure

All organizations who rely on technology to do their business can benefit from having a robust, interconnected IT Infrastructure....speed that technology changes and the competitive nature of businesses, IT leaders have to ensure that their IT Infrastructure is designed such that changes can be made quickly and without impacting the business continuity.

  • Network Management
  • Security Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Helpdesk Support
  • IT Audit
  • IT Consulting

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Managed Service & Solution Engineering

Our Managed Service Solutions include a full spectrum of cloud/data services, service offerings, and cybersecurity services..., all designed to work in combination with each other. We are Provide the Custom Software Solution .

  • Product Development (Low-Code Development)
  • Product Modernization ( Software Quality )
  • Custom Development (Assurance)
  • Data Analysis & Data Entry
  • Helpdesk Support

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Technology & Security Advisory

Technology companies are entrusted with all types of data: business, student, parent, employee, donor, card data, and more. ...Most records in electronic data systems and web-based applications which are accessible to the internet, they are more vulnerable to breaches. And schools are not only at risk from outside threats, but also internal users who are unaware of proper security best practices.

  • IT Audit
  • IT Consulting

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Project-4 E-AABHAS
Project-4 E-AABHAS
Project-4 E-AABHAS
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